These resources have been selected to assist you with learning more about migrating from QuickBooks, Peachtree, Sage BusinessWorks and Sage 50 2013.  This library consists of relevant articles for those growing businesses who are exploring a Microsoft Dynamics GP business solution.

  1. Grow Your Business with Confidence
    Every growing organization reaches a point where their financial accounting system cannot support their growth. This eBook will help you identify the signs that you are ready for an upgrade.
  2. Have you Outgrown Peachtree?
    As your company grows you face new challenges for managing inventory, customers, employees and cash flow. This article provides you information for helping you determine if you are outgrowing your current Peachtree accounting system.
  3. Why should you move from Peachtree?
    Making the move to a new financial management solution is a significant commitment that requires a return on time, effort and cost. This document provides an outline of the benefits you will realize with your investment in Microsoft Dynamics GP.
  4. Have you Outgrown QuickBooks?
    Understand the limitations of QuickBooks and the practical advice to help you get the most out of the system. This article also offers advice on replacing QuickBooks with Microsoft Dynamics GP.
  5. Is Your Business Ready for ERP?
    A Focus Research study on how as small businesses grow they utilize an ERP system to manage their business, drive and sustain their growth.
  6. Use Microsoft Dynamics GP to turn your business vision into reality
    Comprehensive out of the box capabilities and rapid, flexible deployment options both on premise and in the cloud help you get up and running quickly and affordably.
  7. Use technology to make a good business Great!
    This infographic walks through the many advantages of using an ERP system to make your business even better than before.
  8. Take the Burden out of Business Intelligence
    Business Intelligence features are built into Microsoft Dynamics GP and can truly transform your business and the way you look at areas for improvement and growth.
  9. Simplify IT and Reduce Operating Expenses with Cloud Services
    Considering the Cloud? There are many benefits to leveraging this as a technology platform. Use it as a strategic IT platform for business improvement and growth.
  10. Put your Data to work
    Use the data in your IT systems to help you make better decisions.
  11. Cloud or On-premise or a combination of the two, there are more choices than ever
    You may be wondering what would be the best fit for your organization. Microsoft Dynamics solutions are flexible in the way they can be deployed.
  12. Make managing your finances a breeze
    Provide your employees with the tools they need to make sound decisions, drive efficiency and work smarter.
  13. Grow your Business without Growing Your Payroll
    Control your costs and increase your profits by getting a handle on your business processes.
  14. Global business on a local budget
    Find out how the big guys do it. Use your ERP system to maintain customer service levels that can help you compete globally.
  15. Get Business Intelligence (BI) on the Fly
    With Business Intelligence you get to put the right information into the hands of the people that need it, wherever they need to work.
  16. Get Bigger not Better Dashboards
    Develop a complete view of your financial picture and overall performance by leveraging the business intelligence capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics.
  17. Connect Your People to the Information they Need
    Accounting or business management systems that can’t deliver information where it’s needed will hold you and your team back.
  18. Cash is King – Get the Most out of Every Dollar
    Whether you’re saving for a rainy day or eking out the most of every dollar of your thin reserves, no doubt your finance department is zeroed in on making every dollar work as hard as it can.
  19. Business Process Improvement is Within Reach
    When your business processes are consistently managed through your technology platform, you can analyze results to continually improve operations.
  20. Adapt to regulatory requirements
    Whether it’s health care mandates or industry-specific financial reporting requirements, every business has to balance rock-solid systems that deliver compliance today with the flexibility to adapt as their regulatory responsibilities change.
  21. Give your Business a Boost
    Dynamics GP provides real time insight into current activities and developing trends which can help you stay on top of your business and ahead of your competitors.
  22. Top Reasons to Purchase a Business Solution from Microsoft
    Whether you are outgrowing entry-level accounting software, rubber-banding a legacy solution, or simply tired of paying annual maintenance fees to a vendor that provides little to no value for your money consider a solution from Microsoft.
  23. Microsoft Dynamics Enterprise Applications for SMBs
    Learn how business management software from Microsoft helps small and medium businesses manage costs while increasing sales.
  24. Infographic – Turn business data into business insight
    Microsoft Dynamics provides role-based dashboards, self-service reporting, anytime and anywhere accessibility along with tools to make Big Data actionable for small and mid-sized businesses.
  25. Do business YOUR Way with Microsoft Dynamics
    Align your infrastructure management with your business goals by deploying Microsoft Dynamics ERP to meet your business requirements.