Accounting & ERP

All successful and growing businesses will at some point experience limitations with using entry level accounting software packages such as QuickBooks, PeachTree, Sage BusinessWorks or Sage 50 2013 when it comes to managing finances. As businesses and their sophistication grows the limited functionality in these products starts to impact business growth and goals.

Microsoft Dynamics GP helps growing businesses to scale across their entire organizations.
Microsoft Dynamics GP has continued its track record of continuous innovation and market leadership in business management software which is why many businesses have come to rely on Dynamics GP to meet their business management needs. The solution has the ability to scale across all aspects of business to ensure continued growth and accommodate for changing requirements.

Microsoft Dynamics GP scales across your entire organization with modules that you can add on as your needs change – from increasing the efficiency of your supply chain and manufacturing processes to simplifying payroll and human resource management. The platform is easy to use and its familiar interface reduces training time and helps your staff be more productive and effective.

RapidStart Implementation Process
Moving business systems can be intimidating which is why OTT, Inc. is making it simpler for you to move. Through the RapidStart implementation process we can help reduce time and effort needed to quickly transition from your existing business solution whether it is Quickbooks, Peachtree, Sage BusinessWorks or Sage 50 2013 to Microsoft Dynamics GP. Our process leverages configuration and migration tools to allow you to quickly transition data sets.

We have created two options for business who are looking for a more robust and scalable financial management solution. Our RapidStart offer is designed to address the needs of business who require core financials and those that have an additional focus on distribution.